Me -------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am a middle-class professional in the field of Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. Born in Guangzhou and brought up in Hong Kong, I hold a BA in English Language and Literature, a Diploma in Education and an MA in TESL. I am keen on using technology in my profession, for communication, for enhancing communication, and for improving teaching or work processes. I worked in a local secondary school as English Panel Chairperson for five years before joining Vocational Training Council (VTC) as Lecturer. After that, I worked with City University of Hong Kong, as Lecturer and Multimedia Communication Laboratory Manager, for 12 years. I re-joined the VTC in June 2007 and worked for 2 contracts of 8 eights in its Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office.

My story-------------------------------------------------------------------------


My last job-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Quality is my job

I early-retired in July 2015. My last job concerned quality assurance and the central coordination of accreditation matters in the VTC.

My duties included:—

* Assisting to facilitate and maintain smooth and effective operation of the VTC’s Quality Assurance System
* Assisting to ensure that all matters related to accreditation by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) are in good order
* Coordinating matters related to accreditation by professional bodies
* Assisting to foster a quality, proactive and learning culture among VTC staff

Littles things about me-------------------------------------------------------------------------

My new endeavours 2017-------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am pleased to announce the reloaction of my English coaching website (formerly, launched in April 2016), to a new web address: on 22 April 2017. The site represents my continued attempts to keep on contributing to the English Learning and Communication community after early-retirement.

The following are eFlyers about some of our activities:

Another area of work is document and communication design. In January 2017, I completed the design work of an annual report for a local district councillor. I designed the layout and colour scheme, wrote the foreword and oversaw binding, printing and delivery of the final product: 5,000 copies of the report, which were distributed to members of the local district concerned. An online flipbook version of the report is available here: