This exchange visit was made possible by the Exchange Fund, City University of Hong Kong and was carried out from 10-16 January 2000.

This visit aimed to establish initial contact with Australian Centre for Computer Enhanced Learning (ACCEL), Victoria University of Technology (VUT), a leading IBM-funded academic centre, which is heavily committed to research into uses of multimedia in education and to training of educational practitioners. The visitor expected to learn in detail about the various work-in-progress projects of the centre and to observe the centre in action including, for example, how it helps VUT in providing curriculum support to its faculties. Attempts were made to assess the possibilities of academic collaboration, including collaborative research projects or joint courses.

10 January 2000

11 January 2000

12 January 2000

13 January 2000

14 January 2000

15 January 2000

16 January 2000

The visit witnessed the use of cutting-edge technology in support of education in a number of units at VUT, namely the ACCEL, the Centre for Educational Development and Support, and the Technology and Media Services Centre. The visit also brought back a course propsoal and raised the possibility of cooperation between the university and VUT in offering a postgraduate programme in Interactive Multimedia Education.

Follow-up work will be done in pursuit of joint-ventured programmes between City University of Hong Kong and VUT. SCOPE, the extra-mural arm of the university, has been approached and further meetings and discussions will be arranged to explore the possibilities.

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